Meaningful Conversations Will Transform Us

Our Philosophy

"The world needs more dialogue and more cooperation. For the sake of all our futures, we have to talk to each other".

"The difference between cooperation and conflict, between progress and painful reversals of fortune, more often than not lies in dialogue." Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum surely said these words with a hope that we all engage in dialogues that help us develop a deeper understanding and wider compassion for the people and circumstances around us.

JOYLOGUES is a conversation platform to encourage, enable and promote dialogue. We are present across institutes and verticals, initiating conversations on key subjects.


Joylogues is an effort to encourage and enable meaningful conversations across platforms.

We work across schools, colleges and corporates, offering discussion programs to better explore and understand subjects that will help us live a more meaningful life.  These programs are offered as workshops and in-person conversations.

Conversation workshops are organised on various subjects ranging from moral ethics, science and technology, following our purpose in life, to food and environment.

Write to or meet our team in-person to discuss subjects that hold meaning to you. People reach out to us to discuss and better develop gratitude, courage, compassion in their lives.

Start your own Conversation Clubs with content and structural support from Joylogues. Conversation Clubs started by our users can upload their content on our platforms to reach out to a wider audience.